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I will buy a male s*x doll for Val – Nollywood actress Tracy Daniels

I will buy a male sex doll for Val - Nollywood actress Tracy Daniels Lailasnews 1
Ahead of celebration of this year’s Valentine Day, which comes up on the 14th of February, Nollywood diva, Tracy Daniels has opened up on how she intends to make the special day a memorable one for herself. She plans to buy a s*x doll on that special day for herself.

The light-skinned diva, who was once married to a wealthy Indian expatriate, said the item will be a special gift to herself on the day set aside to celebrate lovers across the world.

I will buy a male sex doll for Val - Nollywood actress Tracy Daniels Lailasnews 2
This, she explained is to enable her ascertain the reality of the s*x doll. Anita Joseph, Tracy & Treasure Daniels Tracy made this startling revelation while in a chat.

She said

“I want to match the duties of a s*x doll with that of one’s partner and see if one is getting more or exact same service because to me love affair goes beyond s*x.”

The Nollywood actress, however, challenged the opposite s*x to do for their partners what a s*x doll cannot do for them. She maintained that a woman will be able to go the extra mile for you as a man and that is what you cannot expect a s*x doll to do.

“The woman would have no option than to follow you as her leader and would in turn carry out the duties beyond a s*x doll.”

A true advocate of healthy relationship, the Ebony State-born beauty who’s known in Nollywood alongside her twin sister, Treasure as “Golden Girlz,” said men need to understand their role in every relationship as the pace-setter. Irrespective of the relationship a man has with a woman, the man must set himself apart as the leader.

In her words:

“I want our men to start taking their roles more seriously because they are the leaders in relationships whether it’s dating, marriage or building the family.”

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