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Has Bobrisky Gotten A New Butt Surgery? SEE PHOTOS

Just last year, popular cross-dresser who is known as Bobrisky made an announcement that he had the plans to enlarge his butts through a butt surgery.

In what looked like a protruded butt in a new photo he just posted on his social media timeline, it seems the whitening cream merchant has gone for the surgery he so much craved for. If you recall in the beginning of the year, Bobrisky made it known to his followers that he is going to snatch a lot of husbands in the year 2018.

Could this be just one of the game plans to achieve that purpose?

In his new photo on his Instagram page and just as usual, leaving a word or two for hi haters, Bobrisky says, the more they keep hating, the more he pressure on him to fire them with hot pictures.

Bobrisky’s butt is our point of all in this photo. His butt seems to appear bigger.

Recall that Bobrisky who ‘Sekem’ crooner MC Galaxy reported to the Police claiming that his life is in danger following their fallout on social media over his former gateman, Jacob, has slammed the singer again for refusing to honor their appointment with the Police.

Bobrisky who bragged about the income he raked in from London, wrote;

“Idiot keep posting am here for u. They also ask me to posting but if anyone send me any post from u that involve me I swear I will reply u asap. Go to any length I will fire 🔥 u ten times…Attention seeker with dead career. Do u know how much I make in London for my first event 😂😂😂😂😂idiot who dey pay to see ur dead career. How many shows do u get in USA the last I saw u there ? People can testify to mine, I attended up 10 shows at different states. Post more and I will give you back.”

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