Monday, 15 January 2018

Nigerian Lady Cries Out After None Of The Rich Bachelors In Her Church Refused To Toast Her Today After Hours Of Make Up

Frustrated Nigerian lady Gloria Omommaty Kennedy just took to her facebook account to rant after being ignored by the rich bachelors in her church again:
All these fine boys in church that will just jump into their cars after service and drive off, how is it doing you people self????

That is how all my make up and packaging just wasted for nothing, wharisdat self, somebody will be eying you people and be waiting to come shake body pass after service, you will just come and spoil it by running out as if hot shit catch you.
I am very angry, before I could drag my hills outside, all the cute swagallicious guys don drive commot, na all these kpako niggas when go treck with me reach house kon remain. I kwukwu did not mind them, you cant be ugly and poor, choose one and save your future.
Let me go and rook for where to eat rice, so my hot blood can calm down.
Chai, this is nor fair ko jare

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