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Tonto Dikeh Surgery: is she dissatisfied with her body? (DETAILS)

This woman is very talented. She is a successful actress, singer and model. Her impressive career path began in 2005 when she took part in a reality show 

Since then, a lot has changed in her life and now she is one of the most famous personalities in the Nigerian showbiz industry. 

Perfection really knows no limit. When you have money you can always do what you need to remain young and attractive. Although most fans will agree that this lady is naturally beautiful.

Looking at Tonto Dikeh photos it’s really difficult to believe that she doesn’t accept herself for who she is. Now the actress is 32 years old. Perhaps the need for a surgery is associated with the first ageing signs. 

After 30, a woman can only remain attractive if she takes very good care of herself. But if course, there will be signs of aging even if you are engaged in sports, eat healthy food, and use the most expensive cosmetics. 

The celebrity revealed that fans will find out the detailed information about Tonto Dikeh cosmetic surgery from her reality show King Tonto. A trailer has already been released.

On the video you will be able to see her surrounded by surgeons. There are lines on her skin that obviously signify the direction of the cuts. Also, the video shows several stages of the process. At the end, the star is taken out of the operating room. 

This news was quite exciting for her fans. Let's hope that the medical intervention was successful and Tonto is in perfect health and satisfied with the result. Fans don't have to wait too long. The reality show will begin in 2018. 

Don't forget to leave your comments and express your point of view. Was this step taken by the famous Nollywood actress reasonable? Remain strong, Tonto! We believe in you and send our sincere love. 

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