Friday, 15 December 2017

‘The Johnsons’ Star Actress Seun Osigbesan Celebrates Daughter’s “Baby Science” First birthday

‘The Johnsons’ star actress, Seun Osigbesan, took to Instagram to share first birthday photos of her daughter Charlotte Omokorede Morenikeji Osigbesan.

Seun who also penned down a heartfelt post to her daughter wrote;

“Charlotte Omokorede Morenikeji Osigbesan. You have existed in our hearts even before I conceived you. You came at God’s perfect time and you came as the perfect gender that we wanted. You have brought nothing but blessings to our lives. Yes you’re my replica but in beauty, you will be more beautiful, in greatness, you will be far greater and in wisdom you will be remarkably wiser than I am. Where I failed, you will succeed, you will not make my mistakes. Your life journey will be straight and smooth. In life, you will find it ‘Quickly’ (salvation, success, greatness, family etc) you will serve God all the days of your life and your days shall be long. The Lord will protect you from evil and great shall be your peace. Happy 1st birthday my princess @officialbabyscience
Hip Hip Hip!Hurray!!!”

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