Monday, 11 December 2017

Nigerian lady share after sᴇx photos, but tells us nothing happened

after sex photos

Facebook user, Debby Adieme, took to the platform to share photos with 3 guys in bed in what looks like after sᴇx photos as she was wrapped in just bed sheets.

Debby who told us all to hide our face if we don’t have money,  said she “had fun” with her bestie.

after sex photos

However the backlash she suffered made her write;
Dis is d real debby
No b post DAT shit
And plx nothing happened under der
Dats a room wit crowd
And if u notice I was lost
In d pix……. Someone did dis shit wit my account
I dhint do it
Try to understand mii”
after sex photos
after sex photos
after sex photos

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