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Man Caᴜght haᴠing Sᴇx with Prostitute at wife’s Funeral (WATCH VIDEO)

Mob justice was meted out to a Zimbabwean widower, Luscious Chiturumani, for disrespecting his late wife, Sibongile Mthetwa, at her funeral service by haᴠing s*x with a prostitute who he claimed is his sister.

The man who was given a courtesy room for them to rest as family, but however they ran out of luck after they woke for early morning s*x. It was gathered that by 6am, a man who leaned close to their room’s window to smoke heard the lady moaning, and alerted others. The two were then Caᴜght red-handed in the act, as the alerted crowd stormed the room with no locks.


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