Thursday, 16 February 2017

How Yahoo "Plus Plus" Guys Sleep With Ladies and Render Them Useless

I won't add anything because no matter what you say, once some babes see a guy with a car, who can lodge in hotel, has cash to buy drinks and display at a club, they are ready to die inside.

So, just read. If you like change, if you like continue 'enjoying' your runs. A guy narrated the story of some his old friends who he met during the Christmas period last year.

I saw his mates were living large without any REAL business or international job. In a bid to find out what they do for a living, to see if he could also be part of the hustle, he hooked up with one of them, who then told him that they are actually doing for money - they are into yahoo plus plus.

Their money as narrated by him, did not involve the use of laptop like the regular Yahoo boys. This involved sleeping with ladies and taking their star and fortune...

Just be careful who you're sleeping with all because of money to buy new phone, bag, shoes, etc

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