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AGAIN? Seun Egbegbe Caught Trying to 'Dupe' Mallam Who Changes Money of N10m

When you have an 'issue', no matter how you try to pretend or lie about it, you will just be sinking deep into its consequences until you stop deceiving yourself and seek help, sincerely.

Actress Toyin Aimakhu's ex-lover, Seun Egbegbe, who was arrested and beaten some weeks back for allegedly stealing 9 iPhones in Lagos, has been caught in another alleged criminal act.

The Lagos big boy was arrested while he was trying to defraud an unsuspecting BDC operator of N10 million today. See more photos...

Seun Egbegbe was said to have pretended to be a medical doctor while trying to defraud the man. An eyewitness reported that the incident happened live at the Gbagada general hospital in Lagos. He has been taken away to the police station.

Anytime I remember that a lady actually left her husband's house to go live with this guy, I feel sad for some of the ladies we have today and their way of life, all because of money. Sigh!

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