Monday, 7 November 2016

When is the best time to apply for a US Visa?

Plans to birth your baby in the US starts with getting a US Visa which can be frightening for many applicants. Applying for a US visa while pregnant to some extent reduces the probability of getting a visa. But, you have been advised never to lie when asked if you are pregnant or intend to seek medical treatment in the US. So what’s the smartest alternative?...

One of the reasons why applying when pregnant could reduce your chance is that they don’t believe that you do not intend to use their MEDICAID, except you prove beyond reasonable doubt.

(MEDICAID is the US medical insurance – it is meant for US residents who pay health insurance and as such are eligible for ‘free’ medical treatment. It isn’t really ‘free’ because that pay for it as monthly deductions. As a non-US resident (alien) you certainly don’t pay US medical insurance and as such aren’t eligible for MEDICAID.

Believe it or not many aliens (Nigerians, non-US residents etc.) go to the US to seek medical treatment via MEDICAID. You, therefore, have to proof beyond reasonable doubt that you intend to pay all bills yourself. You should get a Letter of Acceptance from the Obstetrician/ Gynecologist (OB/GYN) you intend to use and a receipt of advance payment. There is no doubt that, by either divine intervention or sheer luck, some applicants are issued the US visas without being asked all these questions, but why run on luck. I would rather suggest you go well prepared and if luck shines then great and if otherwise then also great.

From the above details, you will agree with me that applying for a US visa before you get pregnant is wisdom. Unlike the UK that issues a 6months visa to first time applicants, the US issues a 2years visa right-away. That’s ample time to have your baby. As such you don’t need to bother about what to say if you are asked the ultimate question, because your answer will be no, truthfully. So, imagine you were issued the visa in January 2016 and you get pregnant in August and give birth in the US in May 2017 you are on point. And if you are concerned about how it affects your renewal, it doesn’t. From experience, applicants who are denied are the ones who lie that they aren’t pregnant whereas they are and of course give birth within nine months of visa issuance. They know the dates – their expertise with synchronizing data is uncanny.

In closing, if you aren’t yet pregnant as you read this article and intend to give birth in the US someday, the best time to apply is now. If you still don’t agree please objectively explain this; a lady at the US interview was asked if she was pregnant, she responded as yes (the truth), the interviewer then said ‘sorry, today is not the day we give to pregnant women’. This is obviously not to say that the same happens to all applicants in such state, but if you can, why not apply not pregnant. Contact us to get the process started as soon as possible. Remember this, applying on these grounds increases your chances of getting the US visa;

• Family vacation; you apply as a family (husband, wife and children) even if you intend to travel alone first.

• Proposed travel to attend a family member’s graduation or wedding ceremony; the US consular gravitates more toward issuing it to you on such family affair basis; let’s say they are that sensitive. 
An addition nugget is;

Travel experience to other countries/continents prior to your application helps. The US also wants to be convinced that you have ties in Nigeria, meaning that; you have a good job, landed properties, and possibly married all which will make you want to return to your home country. If you work for yourself or run a company, do not make the same mistake several people make, which is present their company bank statement as their personal bank statement. Note that your company is a different entity from you. The company is supposed to pay you allowance/salary on a monthly basis or a basis justifiable. In the US and the advanced world, it is an offense to run your company account as a personal account (as such you are evading personal income tax).

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