Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Too much? See 'long' list of qualities a woman says she wants in a man

Alibaba shared the snapshot of part of a conversation he had with a friend where she listed the qualities she needs in a man.

When it seemed like folks were complaining about her very 'long' list, Ali Baba clarified and broke down the lady's post one by one. Hey, its not rocket science!

He said:

 "I am surprised that it looked like she was asking for OBAMA. When in truth, it's just basic requirements! 1. Smart: you need a guy that can think for himself and be able to process common conversations 2. Intellectually sound: This is not far from No.1, just means she doesn't want akamu DNA passed to her kids.

"3.Broadminded: this is also related to 1 and 2. Because you need someone who assimilates and understands issues on a broad level without bias. 4. Responsible: this is not negotiable. I can not even explain this. 5. Respects women: she doesn't want one chauvinist who thinks all women are second class. And how is this rocket science in an age where a woman is beating Trump? Me I have daughters ooo. 6. And 7. Nice and caring: They both mean she wants a sensitive guy. Who will understand why she was too tired to cook, do the do, etc

"8. Not possessive: A guy who is possessed, sorry, possessive, is one person who has low self esteem. So they think if they don't hold on to you, you will find someone better. That is a major problem. Jealousy is not always a reflection of love. Na disease. 9. Good looking: she did not ask for handsome or drop dead gorgeous, good looking is a way of saying be presentable. 10&11, Dresses well and likes shoes, just means he is one who cares for himself. Because the Bible says love your neighbor as you love yourself. IF HE DOESNT SEE LOOKING GOOD AS IMPORTANT, if you look good, there will be major issues ooo.

"12. Enjoys good company: this says a lot. It means you can interact and communicate when with others. You are not selfish with your time. You don't have to be an extrovert. 13. Reads (refer to 1,2,3,5, 12) 14. Appreciates little things: gratitude says a lot about who the man you settle with is. Does he believe that staying awake and being worried that he is safe when he is out at night shows that you care? Does he appreciate cancelling a party to stay with him when he didn't feel like going out meant more?

"15. Loves to travel: some were born To die in one place. 16. She likes to cook. 17&18 A given. 19-21 must be serious. Abi you be hit and run?" 

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