Friday, 18 November 2016

SHOCKING!! POPULAR PROPHET PERFORMS INSTANT MIRACLE (See how Oil and Gold Dust Appeared from Heaven)

Worshipers in Love Fire Ministries on Thursday was send into a state of shock as the Prophet declared that their hands will be filled with oil and Gold dust from Heaven. Within few Minutes, worshipers witness the most shocking miracles of their lives.

Here is what the Prophet shared on Facebook after the service...

''Gold dust and oil appearing in the hands of worshippers after God's servant, Prophet Godwin Emmanuel, declared that Angels of the most high God will be giving oil and gold dust to people during today's (Thursday 17th November 2016), FRESH FIRE SERVICE @ LOVE FIRE MINISTRY (No 3 UGIAGBE STREET OFF COUNTRY HOME MOTEL ROAD BENIN CITY) . This is a divine release of financial anointing..... All glory belongs to ADONAI''

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