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SHOCKING: A Maid caught on CCTV having S£X with a man in front of her boss’ 2yr old kid… (SEE PHOTOS)

A randy househelp who has been bringing men to her employer’s home and having s3x with them infront a 2 yr child has been exposed. The s3xually starved “Mboch” who hails from Gachie, was caught on CCTV being drilled by a man infront of her boss’ little daughter. 

She has also been mistreating the little kid by eating her food and beating her senselessly. Potential employers are warned not to be fooled by her soft voice because she is a nanny from hell. 

Here are shots from CCTV footage of the randy “Mboch” being drilled in her employer’s house. She was exchanging fluids with the man infront of the little kid…..

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