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See what happened to the Man that Raped a Goat To Death Inside A Bush In Ondo State

A man identified as Afolabi Bamidele was caught allegedly having raping a goat in Irun Akoko, Ondo State.

LEADERSHIP investigation revealed that the goat died while Afolabi was forcefully raping it.

It was also learnt that the suspect has been handed over to the police in the town for further investigation. The suspect allegedly took the goat into the bush and started having s.ex with it for hours when he was caught by somebody who went into the bush to defecate.

According to a source,
“He picked the goat from a neighbour’s house and took it into the bush. He pulled off his cloth and started having s.ex with it. After the s.ex, he brought out a handkerchief to clean up his semen from the goat vagina when he was caught by somebody who called on the neighbours to see what happened.”

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