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Furious man stabs wife to death, cuts off love rival's genitals after catching them in bed

A furious husband stabbed his cheating wife to death and chopped off her lover’s penis and testicles after he caught them red-handed in bed.

Both the lover and the woman died from their injuries and the man, upon realising he had murdered his sweetheart, decided to turn himself in to police.
The shocking incident took place in the village of Shama, located in the south-western Russian Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan.

The man’s wife, not named, had told her husband that she was going to see female friends in the next village.

After it got dark, the husband, also not named, grew suspicious of her whereabouts and called the friend - only to discover his wife had lied to him.

The man told police he had long suspected her of cheating on him with another man in the village and he went straight to his house.

The enraged husband said he caught his wife having sex with the lover and the red mist came down over him.

He grabbed a knife and cut off the lover’s penis and testicles before then stabbing his wife to death.
The investigation is ongoing and the couple's are to be placed in an orphanage.

Source - DailymailUK

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