Sunday, 6 November 2016

Daniel Ademinokan shares beautiful selfie with Stella Damasus, sends powerful relationship advice

Nollywood filmmaker, Daniel Ademinikan shared this beautiful selfie with his lover, actress Stella Damasus, and along with it, he gave a very powerful relationship advice.

Read what he wrote after the cut...
One big lesson I've learnt about relationships...the importance of LAUGHTER! Yeah. You've got to always find the need to laugh. Laugh with yourselves. Laugh at yourselves. Laugh at your pain, differences and the fact that one of you can NEVER have an America accent even if you've been coming to America for 20 years! (Don't ask me who). Above all, find the funny in every situation. It doesn't mean you won't have things to fight, stress and cry about...but find the funny in all of it. 
Life in itself is hard enough, why complicate it further by always discussing serious issues when it's bed time, after a hard day's work? Jeeeeez! Haven't you noticed that most times couples sit down to talk, it's always about the kids, bills, the broken garage door that needs fixing, work stress, plans for the future or the need to get therapy (now I don't know where that came from ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚). 
Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a good laugh together? I mean a good belly laugh. If it's an Instagram post, a YouTube video, a comedy special on Netflix, the weird neighbor who always struggles with the garbage can when it's trash day...find that funny! If you have to put on your wife's wig and perform a Beyoncรฉ song holding the hairbrush as a it and have some fun! (Come to me for lessons). It's so easy to find the pain and hurt in a situation but if you relax and look closer, you'll find the funny 
People have quizzed me why I can be very silly sometimes. It's simple, HE WHO LAUGHS IS THE ONE WHO LASTS. I intend to last as long as age 120. Hahaha! Don't expect to see ONLY serious stuff on my social media pages. Life is serious so I'm not gonna take everything so seriously and miss out on the funny things life has to offer me. I've got God's Love on my side, I have Jesus in my heart and the Holy Spirit always available to guide me...well, I've got no choice but to find the funny in my relationship. 
So as you get to bed tonight, find that funny. Tell a dry joke. If he/she doesn't laugh at the joke then you have to laugh at how dry and silly your joke was. Stay blessed people and have a funny week ahead.
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Seems they are married already because he always adds 'MrAndMrs' to his posts with Stella Damasus. See another lovely photo of the couple below...

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