Tuesday, 8 November 2016

“Chidinma Okeke God Will Purnish You, We Single Ladies Can No Longer Buy Cucumber In Peace Again” – Nigerian Women Cry Out

Since the Chidinma Okeke s*x tape saga it’s been cumcumber this,cucumber that.. and it has caused serious wahala for our Naija women.

Before the s*x tape was leaked – cucumber was just a regular fruit/vegetable you could buy and consume in peace. Now, because of Chidinma Okeke, if anyone sees you buying cucumber, the type of evil side-eye they will give you ehn!

One comment i saw said;

Chidinma Okeke God will Purnish you for this, now a single lady can not go and buy cucumber in the market again without everyone looking at her like she is going to use it to masturbate at home.

Another Comment Jokingly said

#IstandWithCucumber #SaveOurCucumber The House of rep has now passed a law that any lady who intends to buy cucumber in the market should bring along her marriage certificate and her Certificate of Regular sex, Also Before cucumber is sold to any single lady it should be sliced at the spot, any cucumber seller who fails to comply with these new laws will be arrested and decisively dealt with.

Read some of our Ladies lament below:

Some1 can no longer buy cucumber in peace again I was buying cucumber 2day & some guys started snickering, I had no option but 2 eat it dere

See what you people have coursed, I can no longer buy cucumber with peace of mind again.

Someone can not go out and buy cucumber in peace again without getting raised eyebrows bcs of Chidinma Okeke.

Now, somebody cannor eat cucumber in peace again without thinking about where “it has been”

What kind of nonsense is this one eh,so I can no longer eat cucumber again with peace of mind without looking at it twice….na wa

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