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Anonymous person calls out a 'married' Lagos big boy allegedly caught having gay s*x

As seen on Nigerian twitter. According to the person, not only did the lady in question allegedly find out about her husband's s*xuality during their honeymoon, she also caught him in bed with another man. She also discovered that he was sending sexually explicit messages and nudes to his friends ...

Now a family meeting was held but it appears the lady was told to keep the secret to herself. However, she confided in close friends about the situation, revealing that her husband also allegedly made a move on her brother, while pretending to be drunk on their way back from a club.

More interestingly, his family elders "in order to avoid the embarrassment of a scandalous divorce" told his wife to go-ahead to "sort herself." Well, she allegedly went ahead, even inviting her 'sorters' to her matrimonial home.

It is important to note that all these are allegations made by an anonymous twitter account. See more of the shocking tweets shared as you continue.

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