Friday, 4 November 2016

A Must Read : See the New ways Used By Ritualists To Deceive & Kill People

Read according to the victim below:-

So I was coming back from Wuse, precisely Golden Gate Hotel, close to Wuse Market and decided to pick a taxi adjacent Zenith bank.

And this particular Taxi drove up to me with a driver and two passengers in it (male and female), the driver stopped where I was standing and asked where i was going to and I said Mpape, He asked the other ladies waiting and they said Katampe junction, the driver said since we were all going towards the same direction He would take us straight there.

we got in, he drove up to about Nicon Junction ,the lady who was inside before me decided to drop and after she did, the driver now asked the other guy who was also in the taxi before me if he had any load and the guy said yes, the driver started snarling at d guy, asking why the guy told him the first time that he had no load and d guy said he told him. the driver now asked the guy what was his load and the guy said just shoes and a carton of clothes.

To our surprize, the driving told the guy that what was in the carton wasn’t clothes and the passenger repeated that it was his clothes and the driver said, “okay,since its clothes inside the carton, i will drive you to the police station, and all of a sudden the guy started begging d driver, we were all shocked, the driver now asked him where he got all d money in the carton and the guy said he worked for his Boss and he refused to pay him that is why he took d carton of money “which he said was in dollars” from the boss.

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