Thursday, 13 October 2016

Woman goes on insane rant after being rejected by her crush

We are usually encourage women to go for what they want, but a woman named Amber who went for what she wanted, this time a man, got rejected and didn't take the rejection well.

She left her crush, Austin Super Saiyan baffled when she went 'psycho on him' after he gently spurned her offer to meet up via text, explaining that he was too busy for a relationship.

From being incredulous to downright furious, the 'psycho' woman swiftly descends into expletive-ridden hysteria and even dishes out death threats - leaving her suitor stunned.

After posting the conversation, Austin Super Saiyan added: 'She was totally normal until this. We discussed gaming and all kinds of things.

'If she sends some police or some s*** after me, I'll just pull up this post and show them what went down.'

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