Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Will I Ever Find The Right Person To Marry?

I don't even know where to start or how to explain what my problem is, hopefully I get lucky for the 'problem' to be 'diagnosed'. I'm a 27yrs old lady, finished university very very early and I've been extremely lucky with almost everything in life, but to get a suitor and settle down na wahala.

Friends and family members keep saying I'm too choosy or not serious. 

Honestly, I AM NOT choosy. 
When the one thing I fast/pray for is for God to link me with the bone of my bone very soon, I even gave up my travelling plans in order to increase my chances of finding a future partner (I know you can meet ur partner anywhere, but na just to shut up people wey don think say I no dey serious).

A close friend even suggested i pend my 'work-from-home business', look for job so i can be leaving the house, and i got lucky within a month of dusting my CV I got a good job with no connection (honestly I've always been so lucky when I ask God for anything but I have no idea why he is delaying this). 

I just dont know how to explain it, the ones I like doesn't like me and the ones I dont have single feelings for will do anything to wife me. I'm not desperate or something, i just want to reach out if I'm the only one having this problem.

There was even a time I made up my mind to accept an ex proposal even tho I have no feelings for him, I kept hoping for a miracle to happen so I can at least like him (even if its 20%) bcus he was just too PERFECT, but it didn't just happen. 

My type of man doesnt need to be rich, tall, handsome like most ladies dream man. He should just be neat, truly God fearing and have something he's doing (i love intelligent guys). 

I really envy people that love their partners and they are loved back equally. Married folks, please, I'm waiting to hear from you.

And for most people that will think I'm looking for a rich guy, believe me I once met a guy that was willing to sponsor my education in UK if I will be his Mrs, but I will never engage in anything that will bring trouble for me tomorrow because of money love. 

So my problem is not even money.

- Ms S.

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