Sunday, 23 October 2016

WATCH VIDEO: Pastor Tells Couple To Romance & Kiss While He Performs Deliverance On Wife

Did you say it’s not the end time yet? Stay there and be deceiving yourself, lol.  In fact from what my Bible says, this is just the beginning, this might be strange but it’s just a tip of the iceberg from what will happen during the end time.

So Prophet Mboro Paseka who had recently said he went to heaven during the Easter celebration and said he saw a God and even splashed photos on the internet, before it turned out that the photos where computer generated, is at it again!

The Prophet wanted to deliver a lady from her spirit husband, then asked the husband and lady to open their bedroom door so that the deliverance can be conducted PRIVATELY. Continue...

He asked the man to hold firm to his wife’s breasts, so the spirit won’t be able to get hold of it. He then asked them to start romancing while the man kissed his wife, saying that will break the connection of the spirit husband. While the romance was on-going, the prophet kept praying along and even laid hands on some parts of the woman’s body. This was broadcasted on TV and it’s also on Facebook.

See the video after the cut.

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