Monday, 17 October 2016

These Mercy Johnson's Family Photos Speak Volumes (MUST SEE PHOTOS)

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie got married on August 27, 2011 to Prince Odianosen Okojie and there is no doubt she is enjoying her marriage. In her five years of marriage, the curvy actress has had three wonderful children. She often shares cool photos of her family having wonderful times together.. The photos may make you green with envy. 

1. This family photo of Mercy Johnson-Okojie oozes love in whispers.

2. Mercy Johnson’s daughter Purity trying mum’s make up..

3. Even after three kids in five years, Mercy Johnson and husband still love each other dearly.  
4. Two of Mercy Johnson’s children Angel and Henry look so much like their father, is it as a result of strong love?
5. Two out of Mercy Johnson’s children Purity and Angel also look like the actress. There must be something strong about this their love.
6. When Mercy Johnson’s husband Prince Odi plays with the children.  
7. Even in the water, the Okojie’s family shares love.  
8. When the family decides on going out in denim and still cut the photo of the cutest family.
Really, celebrity marriages can be fun going by what Mercy Johnson-Okojie is experiencing.

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