Tuesday, 18 October 2016

SEE What Causes Dry Vag!na In Ladies During SEX (MUST SEE)

When A lady is tired or not interested: After a long day of work, or when a lady is tired, she will not concentrate in s’εx and will be turned off because her mind is not focused on what you are doing.

Lack Of Enough 4play: If you don’t give her enough 4play to get her going she will definitely have dry vag!na during s’εx. The fluids which wets the inner parts will do it for sometimes and since they were not well triggered during 4play they will stop doing so and will leave it dry.

Low S’εx Drive: A woman with a low s’εx drive or low l!bido also do have dry vag!nas during s’εx. They do not have interest so the organs which are responsible for lubing it are not active to do their work.

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