Wednesday, 12 October 2016

See The Reason Why having sex in the morning is the best for you …

Do you actually know that having seⅹ in the morning is one of life’s greatest moment? You might think you are in a hurry to get ready for work and the thoughts of the traffic that awaits you can be a turn off but wait a minute, do you know that getting laid in the morning actually adds a verve to your life and leaves you glowing the whole day.

Here are 8 reasons that confirms that morning seⅹ is the best s.ex.
1. You will actually remember it the whole day

The feeling will stay with you all day and you will actually glow while you think back on the wonderful feelings you had. It is very easy to recap morning s.ex later.

2. It is a guarantee that you will wake up on the right side of the bed

seⅹ in the morning gets you, and your day, off to a right and bright start. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati found that morning s.ex is a natural stress-reliever and these effects can last for at least seven days, meaning your early Monday romp could ease those Sunday Blues.
Morning seⅹ also increases levels of IgG, an antibody that helps to fight against infection.

3. You can skip the gym

S.ex burns almost as many calories as a 30-minute jog, so it is actually a good way to exercise without leaving your bed, and it is a better alternative to a morning workout before hopping into the shower.

4. It is great to begin the day with an orgasm

Who wouldn’t want to start the day with an earth shattering orgasm? The feeling is totally out of this world and beats anything you could have for breakfast.

5. Improves your output

Having seⅹ in the morning helps you have an increased productivity at work, research has revealed. In fact, your attitude that day will be very and your contribution in the office will be noticed.

6. Morning s.ex is more intimate.

The few minutes we have to ourselves after first opening our eyes are special. Most people, who you’re in regular contact with, have no idea what you look, sound, smell and feel like first thing in the morning. It’s a rare moment to others that’s all to yourself.

Fill that moment in with another person and it becomes a shared secret privy to only you two. That’s what makes morning seⅹ so intimate.

It’s stripped of everything: clothes, makeup, the weight of a day’s events, toothpaste, priorities, and somehow leaves you feeling fuller.

7. It affirms that you two are still interested in each other

Morning seⅹ shows that you are still interested in your partner and the connection is still as fresh as it used to be. It also shows that you still savour the stolen moments you had in your early days.

8. Morning s.ex leaves you on a high

Morning seⅹ is ending the night on a good note. You are also going to be left on a high that would stay with you all day and you walk with a renewed spring to your steps.

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