Tuesday, 4 October 2016

See photos of Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu kissing Chika Ike on set

Rahama Sadau was expelled from the Hausa Film industry because she hugged a guy in a romantic music video.The leadership of Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, MOPPAN said it was immoral. Well, check out these photos of top Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu kissing Chika Ike on a movie set. Ali was never punished for this.

Nigerians are now blasting MOPPAN for being hypocrites, having double standards and being harsh on Rahama maybe because she's a woman!
So this is Kannywood actor @realalinuhu doing his thing as an ACTOR! Was he banned? No! But God forbid that a fantastic female actor appear in a music video! I watched it, she barely even hugged the guy!!! So much injustice in the industry @rahamasadau deserves more than this! What precisely did she do in the 4min 9sec video that called for her to be expelled? @rahamasadau your destiny is not in the hands of mere mortals, it's in the hand of GOD! And only him has the final say! Just sit and watch him give you the last laugh #justiceforrahamasadau #rahamasadau #Nollywood #africanmovies #moviecritic #film #thescreeningroomwithadenike

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