Sunday, 23 October 2016

See how Two University Girls Runs Mad After Snorting Cocaine In Their Hostel (SEE PHOTO/DETAILS)

Two Nigerian university school girls ran mad after snorting too much cocaine in their hostel, according to the report we received from one of their room mate, Miss Nike says:

“I was coming from class on that day, as i enter our room i heard some noise like oh my god, oh my god, saying continuously i took out my phone and put it in video camera, as i enter the room i saw two of them snorting too hard, i recorded them and capturing them what i see next is that they n*ked them self and started saying rubbish, i was shocked and shout for people to help me, we grab them and took them to the hospital, i hope they get well soon “

The rate our University students take drugs this days,is becoming alarming..

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