Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Pastors and husband reportedly beats wife for refusing to attend their church

Two church pastors and a husband have allegedly beaten his wife to pulp for refusing to attend the husband’s church.

Read according to Facebook user Uju Patricia who shared the story...
"A 27-year-old woman has dragged her husband of seven years and two bishops to court for allegedly attacking and injuring her in an attempt to force her to join a ‘strange’ church. 
The Nairobian revealed that Christine Mueni claims her husband George Morara, Pastor Maxwell Mugendi Omari and Bishop Timothy Migwi of Bethsaida Church in Kenya assaulted her for refusing to follow their instructions that included taking photos of her family members for the men of God.
The woman claimed that the three men assaulted her by pinning her to the ground before biting and punching her. She was left with serious injuries.
Revealing details of the encounter, the prosecution revealed that on August 19, Makori, who is an SDA faithful, asked Mueni, a practising Catholic, to accompany him to Bethsaida Church where she felt uneasy and left before the service was over.
Makori reportedly insisted that she joined him for prayers twice and threatened to terminate their marriage if she did not play ball. 
She allegedly agreed to accompany him, but upon arrival, Makori joined two bishops for over an hour in their office, and when they were done at 5pm, one of the preachers demanded she give them photos of all her siblings and parents for prayers aimed at improving their lives. 
A shocked Mueni turned to Makori for answers on what the church was all about, and that, she claims, was when the three descended on her and bit her in the process.
Her screams attracted boda boda operators whose arrival enabled her to escape. She reported the matter to the police. The three denied the charges and were released on a Sh10, 000 bail each. 
Their trial begins on November 25."

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