Friday, 14 October 2016

OMG!! Zambian Deputy Mayor sends half-naked selfie to WhatsApp group (PHOTO)

A newly elected Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Mayor for Mufulira, Beatrice Bwalya Kapansa has become the talk of the town after she reportedly shared a half naked picture of herself on her party’s WhatsApp group.

According to

“SONTA Epowabomba” is a PF WhatsApp chat group where members discuss party mobilisation strategies and share information concerning political developments. 
But the members of the ruling party social media group got a rare ‘blessing’ on Sunday, October 9, 2016 when their district chair lady ostentatiously flaunted her bosom in the forum.
The municipal leader, who is in her late 50s, added a caption to her obviously self-explanatory picture: “JUST RELAXING IN BED.”
Although there hasn’t been any complaints from the male members of the WhatsApp group, the female counterparts are up in arms demanding for her resignation as district chairlady and that she should further be removed from the position of deputy mayor.
"We are so shocked and disappointed that our deputy Mayor, who is also PF district chairlady, can be taking that kind of photographs for herself; and worse still, sending her half naked picture to a group forum,” a female member of the group, who sought anonymity, said.
“This is an obscene photo and that is why it has caused a lot of tension in the PF camp. So as women, we are planning to stage a demonstration demanding to have this immoral councillor resign on moral grounds.”
The group members said they questioned Kapansa over her obvious mistake, and that she gave an unsatisfactory explanation.
"When the posting was seen in the group, obviously people were shocked. It was clear that she intended to send the photo to someone else. But when she was asked about it, she blamed it on her grandchild. She defended herself by saying it was a grandchild who was playing with her phone and got the picture,” the group members narrated.
“People asked her if it was also the grandchild who even wrote the message the picture was carrying, but at that stage she left the group without any word.”
The members further alleged that Kapansa intended to send her ‘romance’ to a named PF district official with whom she had a known relationship.
Last month, a pastor in Limpopo, South Africa, committed suicide after mistakenly sending a picture of his penis to a church WhatsApp group.
Pastor Letsego of the Christ Embassy church reportedly captioned the picture “Wife is away; it’s all yours tonight”, according to a report by the Daily Guide.
He is thought to have been sending it to his lover who is also a member of the church.
The development is said to have stunned members of the church who questioned why a pastor would distribute lewd pictures on WhatsApp.
When Pastor Letsego realised that he had sent the picture to the wrong recipient, he left the group, stopped answering his calls and killed himself the next day, the report said.

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