Saturday, 8 October 2016

Nollywood actress Crystabel Goddy insures her legs for undisclosed amount (photo)

Nollywood actress, Crystabel Goddy was earlier on this year involved in a bite attack scandal with fellow actress, Princess Chineke. She has, in a new interview with Punch, revealed her legs are insured for an undisclosed amount.

Crystabel told SaturdayBeats:

  • Why do you like wearing short dresses?

Why not, after all, it is said that if you have it, you flaunt it. I have lovely and beautiful legs, so I flaunt them. I wear short dresses to show off my gorgeous insured legs and it is worth it. Besides, 
everyone has something peculiar to them. Short dresses complement my full and long curly black hair. Besides, our country, Nigeria, is hot, so why bother with too many clothes?

There’s a place and time fit for how I appear. I don’t like to be defined by what I wear.

  • Are your legs really insured?

Do you really want to know?

  • Yes.

Actually, it was a thoughtful acquaintance of mine who thought they were too gorgeous not to be insured, so I went ahead to do so.

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