Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Millionaire Prince Walter dumps wife, Actress Uche Elendu, for Beauty Queen?

Majority of successful marriages are those where a woman marries the right man for her destiny, not the man with big accounts who she believes can take her to any country of her choice today, buy her designer stuffs, etc. There is nothing wrong in marrying a super rich man, but that is if he's the right husband for your destiny. Anybody can become rich, don't be led by the greed of "NOW".
Some girls say they prefer crying in a Range Rover than to be happy with a man who is not rich. Like I often say, such women are suffering from poverty mentality. If their family is rich, they would have known the limits of money and would not be desperate to ruin their life over trivialities.

Pray you don't encounter issues that would TRULY make you "cry" in marriage...

Report has it that Nollywood actress Uche Elendu is about be a single mum as her marriage to Prince Oggo Walter Igweayimba hits the rocks, after he got linked to a new lover, former Queen of Aso Universe, Sandra Chichi Ekwesiobi.

Sandra started a huge controversy after she shared photos of a new Mercedes Benz car on Instagram. A gift she got from 'her man', who she later confirmed online to be Millionaire Prince Walter Nku.
Actress Uche who welcomed her second child for Prince Walter earlier 2016 has been facing a rocky relationship with her husband after their relationship allegedly hit the rocks late last year when he could no longer cope with some of her "issues".

Uche and Prince Walter had a lavish wedding in Imo State in 2012. What went wrong?

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