Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Men be careful : see what a girl used to cook for her boyfriend, it will shock you

Girl who wants to marry her married ex- boyfriend narrates her story. According to a post sent in by a ‘confused girl’, she was s.exually involved with a married man who took care of her in all the ways she wanted. She eventually fell in love with him without planning into, they broke up, reconciled later, and now she’s hoping to end up being his wife.

See what she shared below:
“Hello , i’m posting through a friend’s account.. I am 23 years old, a fresh graduate and i’m into entertainment. I model and dance.. All my life i have only dated young married men, just the 3 of them by the way.. They take care of me and i do the same.

They were all responsible because they always took proper care of their wives…I broke up with my last guy because i started developing serious feelings for him and i didn’t want to break his home and he was always all over me.

I never had time for single guys but later i started reconsidering it because i hoped to get married someday and i started dating this single guy.. He is 

comfortable and always brought out money when necessary. I wasn’t so demanding because my dancing and modeling was paying.. I thought this idiot was the one for me until he cheated on me with a girl he claimed was from his hometown.. He even had the effrontery to bring the girl home and slept with her on our bed…

I was mad that night, i made sure i broke his laptop and wanted to tear down his flat screen on the wall before he held me…
I was hurt and fortunately for me, my menses started the next morning because he stupidly thought i was ok after he begged me that night, so i used it to cook for him because i heard it makes guys purge and he purged that morning…

He could have died for all i cared, the heartbreak was too painful.. I made sure i ate his money well before i dumped his sorry ass.. All these irresponsible broke single guys that will have a girlfriend and still be sleeping with other girls. Totally immature..

The problem now is that my ex married guy wants to marry me and i have agreed.. The wife is making life hell for him but he is a good man and the only guy that understands me. I am not sure i will meet another person like him. I love his two cuties and am sure i will be a good wife but this wicked woman doesn’t want to give him a divorce, i don’t know what to do??

They have separated now. He said he no longer wants the marriage and his family knows but the wife is still claiming that she loves him. Judging from what I heard from him, he has never been happy in his marriage and i’m willing to make him happy. No insult please.”

Hmmm…This one left us speechless. What do you think?

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