Sunday, 2 October 2016

Married Woman Caught With Lover...escape through window

The mess you see in the absence of self-respect. Residents of Fedha estate were treated to a shameful drama after an adulterous wife was caught with a man right in her matrimonial home.

Funny enough, the woman jumped from their bedroom on the first floor of the building after she was busted by her husband, who came back suddenly after receiving a call about his wife's escapes.
Jessy (the wife) did not care about breaking her legs as her enraged husband, Steven Odero forced the door open with three other men.

The wife's alleged lover, Ben (pictured with her) was rescued by the Kenyan police, but not before he was given some serious punches. When they got to the station, the man claimed he had no intention of sleeping with the woman, but that she was the one who invited him to come fix television...

Even policemen couldn't help but laugh. Lol!

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