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Lol We Found Another Rich Instagram Guy (Photos)

Hehehe.. we can’t see something buzzing and just look away. Remember an instagram kid we found sometime ago and is well known now? So we found this guy on Instagram and he is rich and loaded.

He is friends with a footballer guy, a famous jeweler and ofcourse knows whatsup. 

Some of his photo captions however got us. See them;
Your caption long but your money ain't long my nigga.☺️
Been getting money for awhile, I don't know how to hate.
This bust down Rollie say the time is yours.
I put that girl in Givenchy, Versace, I’m feeling like shabba.💰
I made some million dollars, she say she love me.🙀

One thing we however noticed in most of his photos is that, he is a shy guy. And ofcus as expected he has got so many admirers. See more photos below...

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