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Lesbian sex tape palaver: 'There's no sex video, it was an orgy & I'm pregnant' - alleged lesbian lover Drea says

The alleged 'lesbian lover' in the alleged sex tape with City FM intern Gracia - Drea has revealed that at no point did Omini threaten Gracia, that it's either Gracia was just scared or she wanted publicity.

According to Drea, who also works in a media firm, she's not happy with the way the whole issue has escalated as her job is on the line and her fiancé who she's pregnant for, has been seriously disturbed by the news.
Speaking to LIB exclusively, Drea revealed that it was a long time ago the sex act happened, that they were a 'group of guys and girls' and she's changed from that kind of life now. .
Drea, who was alleged to be the one who engaged in the lesbian act and shot the lesbian video with Gracia said to LIB:

'We've been friends for like a while, three of us, me, Gracia and Omini. The girl in question happens to be like my old time friend'
Now truth is i don't know why all this came from or started from'
'I just got a call from her yesterday and she checked my messages on whatsapp, this girl hasn't called me for over 8 years, so i was like this one she's calling me right now, what's up?'
'So i gave her my other number and she called me back and said she needed to talk to me that infact lets chat on whatsapp, she sent me messages that this guy is asking her stuffs he's trying to blackmail her over a sex video that we made'
'I was shocked and dumbfounded because first thing first 'there was no sex video!'

LIB: But she said there was a sex video....

Drea: Exactly the problem i have with her!  There is no sex video at all. There is nothing. What we did was just a couple of girls and guys in the room having fun (orgy) and everybody is just there.

LIB: It wasn't just the both of you?

Drea: No! and when we were done with recording ourselves, ok we had fun watching ourselves we deleted the video instantly. I was the person recording the video, i deleted it.
'So there's no way Omini will say he has a video, the same thing i told her' If Omini says he has videos of you he should come out and show us, that's what i told her. If there's any video it's from you, cause even at that particular point in time that we were together in that same party all the guys in that video have traveled abroad. We didn't even know Omini'

'Omini was not in the picture so then how can Omini now say he has a sex video' She said she's shocked oh' 'I now said my sister i don't have anything of yours that's sexual against you and there's nothing like a sex video please try and resolve with Omini'

At that time my line was buzzing, it was Omini calling me, I said ok fine while you are still on line let me pick Omini's call lets do a conference call together. Omini confront this girl here and now, but that didn't work' the conference call didn't hold due to network issues' But later Omini called me and asked me Drea did you give me any video?, then i asked Omini did i ever ever in my entire life tell you about any sex video?'

'I also munched Omini's chat because this thing later on will spoil my own character, am also a media person, seriously my job is also on the line'
I don't know what's happening, i munched his chats, i didn't reply him because i don't have anything against him, neither do i have anything against Gracia'

'Haven't spoken to her in 8 years and all of a sudden, this thing happened- if Omini is threatening you first things first where are the messages that Omini sent to you?'
'She said her phone where the messages were got wiped off, do you know that as i'm talking to you right now Omini is sending her messages that Drea is trying to play her.'

LIB: Did you see any munched messages of Omini threatening to blackmail her?

Drea: She didn't show me any of the messages..

LIB: So she did it out of fear ?

Drea: What she told me was that she was scared Omini will release the video which i told her there's no video from Omini or from me, from any other person i don't know oh..'

LIB: Did she do this for fame? To help her acting career?
Drea: That is what i don't know because she's not that kind of girl, she's a good girl.
I was on air when Omini called me, after i finished my program i called Omini back. He said they are in the police station and i told him let me be clear and i also recorded my conversation with him 'I don't know anything about any video, me and you never made any video, i did not give you any video or picture, so please leave me out of this'

'They are already spoiling my character because they've tagged me as a lesbian, which i am not, i am engaged'

'And right now my guy is also aware of this thing he's been calling my phone 24/7 asking me what's happening (Sobs)
I don't know what's happening, i can't concentrate on my work anymore'

(sobs) The whole story, i don't even know who's lying. I told her in the first place, babe if you have a problem you don't need to go online and tell the whole story'
'Someone has come to use my past to blackmail me, i was once a club personality, i do events, i hype, people have come to blackmail me and if you blackmail me i tell people who are supposed to be aware of it, not go online'
' I told her take it down, don't put that up, be sure of it, she said no oh i don't want to spoil my career, because right now i cannot say Omini is lying or Gracia is lying, i don't know them anymore' 'It's been long we saw ourselves, people change!
'I have changed, i'm not that kind of party person like before, i have a relationship, i'm pregnant for my fiancé'
'Am supposed to get married and all this things are coming out?!

As at press time Gracia has deleted all her IG posts where she alleged Ominiaho threatened her with the sex tape.

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