Monday, 24 October 2016

Lady Dating A Married Man: "I’m Tempted To Forward Our S*x Video To His Wife"

I am fed up to the teeth with my boyfriend’s unreasonable behaviour. I knew he was married when we met and all I wanted was a fair share of his time, not marriage.

Instead, all I get are snatched moments with him, all the time telling me he had to lie to his wife to be with me. This has really pissed me off. He always tells me he loves me, but I suspect he tells me that so as to get me into bed.

Unknown to him, I once used my phone to record us having s*x. 

If I forward this to his wife, she’s bound to hit the roof and maybe end the marriage. This way, I think he would have more time for me.

A lady sent this to Aunty Bunmi. Read her reply:

Even if the man’s wife ends her marriage because of this video, it doesn’t mean he’s going to come to you. He is likely to be so angry that he could end your relationship. 
Besides, wives seldom pack their bags these days just because of an affair. They prefer to give their marriage all the chances it deserves. If your lover were to leave his wife, he would have done that without your help. So, the chances are he is only interested in you as a bit on the side. 
Seriously though, why would you want to be with a man who lies and deceives his wife? He could easily lie and deceive you too.

Pray for a decent man to share your life with.

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