Monday, 17 October 2016

I’m Not A Sex Symbol- Frank Artus

Born to an Egyptian father and Liberian mother, Frank Artus is a popular actor making waves both in Nollywood and Ghollywood. In this interview with The Sun, he admits women chase entertaines around for sex, but denied being a sex symbol.

“Female fans always demand for sex from me. Apart from always demanding sex from you as an entertainer, which you don’t have to give them, you have to work with the flow. It is not as if you are going to tell them that what they want is what you are going to give them, but you have to be very flexible with them in their demands, because they are fans and they are the ones who keep you in the market.
“I am not a sex symbol as you see in the movies. Obviously not. Sometimes my friend will say ‘people see you like this but they don’t even know you’. That is how it should be. And that is why I don’t want the youth to look at me as such. And that’s why I said they shouldn’t copy what I do in movies. No, that is not me, it is just a character.”

On acting nude, Artus said he can. “It depends on the script. There should be a reason for it.”

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