Monday, 10 October 2016

I Raped Her And She Deserved it. I Owe No One An Apology

Hello Guys... 
Please keep me anonymous because of the nature of the message/experience that I want to share. I will go straight to the point. There is this useless girl that i met through a whatsapp chat group 2 months back and one thing led to another and we started dating. she lives around agric at ikorodu while i stay at isolo. I asked her out and she accepted. Between the time I met her and now, I have spent not less than 50k on her. she is so money conscious and kept demanding 5k and 10k from me always like I am father Christmas. 
Because I love her, I was giving her. I have been inviting her to my place but she is always busy but luckily her aunty traveled for wedding last weekend and she came to my house yesterday to spend some time. she said that she needs 5k for her transport before she would come so i used ATM to transfer 3k and begged her to come that i will balance her before she go. 
Can you imagine that this girl came to my house and started acting up after leading me on and massaging my dick into erection. we were romancing and she didn't stop me, she gave me breast and allowed me to finger her. when my erection was good enough after romancing her and even sucking her, she refused that we cant have sex, that it is too early. i was dumbfounded. i thought she was joking so i was petting her and telling her sweet words but she just fling my hand away from her and started dressing up. I begged and begged her because my erection was already hard but she refuse. I spent close to 3 hours begging, she refuse and say she want to go that i should give her 2k. 
That was when I saw that she was taking me for a fool. i never knew that she was that wicked and heartless. i asked her why she let me suck her and why she was massaging my dick since she is not ready to sleep with me. she say it is too early and that she is not ready that i should control my penis. I was really angry and i felt used so i slapped her and did it by force. I still gave her the 2k and threw her out of my house. she has been sending me curses and such curses are empty and her threats useless because even God knows that what she did was wicked. he threat messages since yesterday night is up to 25 but i dont care. I honestly dont feel bad one bit because she is very stupid and wicked to think that a full fledged healthy grown man with blood running through his veins is a joke for her to toy and play with. 
I want to use this opportunity to warn girls who have no intention of being with a guy yet, you ask him for money and spend it anyhow like he is your father, you dont have any interest in going down with a guy but you are comfortable enough to hold his dick and give him breast to suck. then when its time for action, you come up with silly stories. any sexual act from that point on is not rape. it is simply violent sex and you definitely deserve anything you get from that point. many guys including many of my friends has suffered this in the hands of girls who take guys for fools. this is my experience yesterday and i dnt owe anybody an apology.

This is beyond shocking. Having sex with a woman who said No is Wrong no matter your reasons. This is RAPE and you could go to jail for this.

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