Thursday, 6 October 2016

I Go Dye dedicates his World Habitat Ambassador award to Hilary Clinton

Veteran comedian, I Go Dye received a United Nations World Habitat Ambassador Award and just dedicated it to US presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton.

Read what he wrote after the cut...
"Thanks to @missunitednationsworldhabitat for this @unitednations World Habitat #ambassador Award giving to me, I dedicate this award to a fundamental advocate of peace,A mother in thoughts and in actions.when her husband was passing through difficulty ,she was standing there like a true she is a mentor to women all over the world,bridging the gap of gender inequality;inspiring women to self believe and greatness. Her continuous advocacy for peace,is a reminder to us, to sacrifice all within our reach to achieve peace;affirming the fact that without peace,humanity will be in bondage.indeed,women are the greatest victims of all conflicts,the become widows,lose their sons to wars and there are raped and traumatised for the rest of their lives.peace is pricesless and the World's habitat can only be sustained when there is peace.i dedicate this award to @hillaryclinton"

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