Monday, 3 October 2016

Guys, let's discuss male rape (18+)

A disturbing video (pictured above) trended over the weekend featuring two Zulu speaking ladies 'raping' a man.

I won't post the despicable video here, but from the little i saw, the man seems to have been drugged. Those who understand Zulu say the man was asking the ladies why they were raping him, and one of them responded that it was because he 'was trying to play smart'.
Now, this led me to discuss the issue of male rape with a friend because some people online are insisting that technically, a man cannot be raped because he does the penetration. Besides, anatomically a man cannot have sex with a woman if he isn't aroused, so if at the point of rape he is sufficiently physically able to penetrate, then it shows some level of cooperation, which at this point will no longer be called rape. 

My friend, who is a man insists a man can be raped. He says erections are reflex actions.  He says men have erections even when they don't want to, and there's very little that they can do about it. A man can also have an orgasm even when he doesn't want.

He made an illustration using female rape. Some women have confessed experiencing orgasms during their rape, and because of this, they erroneously believe the rape is their fault, or that they are somehow guilty of enjoying the rape. This of course may haunt the women for years and ruin their relationships. I vividly recall the story of a lady who divorced her husband after she was raped because of the guilt of having experienced arousal and an orgasm during her rape ordeal. Sad.  

It is the same way a man may get sufficiently turgid enough to penetrate a woman even when he is under duress, he argues.

I am not a man and I don't know much about erections, so I am throwing this to the house for discussion. Going by the arguments, is it technically possible to rape a man?

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