Saturday, 22 October 2016

Details And Photos Of Miss Anambra’s Partner In Her Alleged Video Revealed, Her Name Is Adaobi Nzekwe

I’m sure you must have one way or the other watched the viral lesbian video of Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke and Her PA, Ada. If you’ve not. Check here

What we already know is that, they were three ladies in the room, one with the camera, while the other two were performing the stunt on the bed.

The other lady in the video is “Queen Adaobi Nzekwe”. She’s put her Instagram Account on Private already! Lol, But some snitches sent us pictures! Awon #TeamNoChill.
The so called Queen Adaobi Nzekwe is currently the FDN SOUTH East Queen 2015/2016 (face Of democracy Nigeria 3rd runner up).
We’re yet to find out the identity of the third Lady. yes! There’s a third Lady. She was the one holding the camera!
Wanna know how we knew? Open the video, forward to 1:26, you’d see the hand of the third lady, adjusting the legs of one of the girls in the video.

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