Thursday, 6 October 2016

Alex Ekubo Replaces Uti Nwachukwu With Yomi Casual

Cough cough, let’s say we have been noticing this, but then not 100% sure. But this night, we got the info and we are now so sure! Thank God Yomi has been linked with women in the past and even has a son to show for it, so there won’t be further rumours, lol.

So you know Uti and Alex were best of friends? Asin best of the best and everyone thought nothing could have separated them? Well there going apart isn’t also news to you anymore, but now Alex Ekubo has got a new friend- Yomi Casual and he calls him Brother! They celebrate every given opportunity together and they are so closeeeee.
Yomi will be unveiling his new shirt collection on Sunday and Alex sent him a gift (1st photo). He posted the gift and tagged it; YOU AND I ARE MORE THAN FRIENDS BRO, WE ARE LIKE A REALLY SMALL GANG. I APPRECIATE YOU MY FRIEND TURNED BROTHER. @alexxekubo #myrideordienigga #weturnuponsunday9thoctober #savethedate #andloadyourATM

May enemies not come between them, lol. Amen.

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