Thursday, 13 October 2016

Actress Padita Agu reveals how man she met only once sent her N500K as birthday present

While people are complaining about the tough times and recession, folks are getting N500k as birthday present. Actress Padita Agu celebrated her birthday today and she became half a million naira richer.

Read what she wrote after the cut...

Someone called me, wished me a happy birthday, asked how am celebrating it and I said am waiting on who would throw a party/dinner for me. He asked how much and I jokingly said I'll manage half a million......only for him to call back and ask for my account details, next is alert of his transfer!
Trust me, I've only met this person once. If I run into him now I won't recognise him. He has never asked me out or shown any interest in that regard.
I am just beyond excitement. Am in awe of this act and many other blessings all around me. It is really happening to me!!

This is the kind of alert one should pray for. Lol

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