Saturday, 1 October 2016

Abuja Beauty Queen, Nneze Richard, Official Dethroned

Queen Nneze Richard Agu of Miss Independence Nigeria 2015/2016 has officially been decrowned.

The ex-Beauty Queen Nneze Richard has been having issues on loyalty and disrespect for the brand she was representing. Nneze Richard who is well known in Abuja Clubs has been going to courtesy visits with the organization sash and crown without the consent of the organization.

The peak of the controversy was after the Abuja audition drama when she stormed the venue with the police to disrupt the audition and also made false publication about the pageant CEO.

According to the organisers, Nneze is no longer a queen henceforth. The official statement:
In recent times, some of these pageant hardly end on a good note with their Queens. Sigh!

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