Wednesday, 5 October 2016

102 year old woman fulfills lifelong dream of getting arrested and handcuffed (pics)

This made me life long fantasy is parachuting off a plane. Lol. What are your deepest fantasies?

Some people have life long fantasies and, while some are daring, others are just plain hilarious. Eddie Simms, a 102-year-old Missouri woman fulfilled her life long dream of getting 'arrested' and handcuffed.

With the help of officers the St Louis Metropolitan Police Department and staff at the Five Star Senior Center, she was 'arrested,' handcuffed and placed into the back of a patrol car last week. 

When asked if she enjoyed her ride last Friday morning, she told KPLR: "Oh yes, handcuffs and all."

"She was so excited that she can ride in a police car and she said, 'Do you think you could put those handcuffs on me?'" Michael Howard, executive director of the center, told ABC News today. "A St. Louis county car pulled up next to the police and Edie holds up her hands with the handcuffs on. She's just a riot."

She celebrated her 102nd birthday on September 25.

See the smile on mama's face... so sweet.

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