Tuesday, 18 October 2016

10 Signs Your Loving Wife Is Seeing Another Man

It is easy to know when a man is cheating. Like a clumsy rhino, a philandering husband will leave a trail of hard evidence. When a woman cheats, the kids will remain clean and well fed, dinner will be more sumptuous than before, and her night time headaches will disappear. Here are signs your loving wifey is entertaining a side mattress:

1. ‘Baby on Board’ sticker: When a woman has children, her car has kiddie stuff; a misplaced teddy bear, a Ladybird story book or a feeding bottle. But when she has another man, any reminder of her kids over stolen moments will be thrown out. The ‘Baby on Board’ sticker on the rear window will be ripped off; the baby’s seat strapped on the back left as well.

2. Turkish trouser suits: Being married with three naughty brats gives very few women time to take care of their dress code. If HR would allow it, many can report to work draped in a lesso, a stocking rolled on their heads. So, when madam suddenly has taste for Turkish trouser suits, besides sporting French manicure, she’s making herself beautiful. But not for you.

3. Lingua Franca/music: Women tend to gel into most situations better than men. They can change their accents easily, same as the music they listen to. When her new man is a rock fan, the car stereo of the missus will be tuned to a local Rock station. If her new man is younger, her language will shed off 10 years to one that will even shock your teenage children

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