Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Youths Need Proper Guidance When Using Social Media

With all sorts of negative and positive "vibes" flying around in the social media, this advise is timely.

The General Manager of Lagos State Printing Corporation, Mr. Sakirudeen Odusanya, on Monday said parents and guardians should ensure a responsible use of the social media by children.

He added that youngsters must be appropriately guided on the use of the internet to prevent them from accessing contents that could jeopardise their values.

Odusanya spoke at the Lagos Book Expo organised by the Lagos State Television with the theme, ‘Book Publishing and Challenges of the Social Media.’

He said the social media had come to stay, adding that a proper guidance on which medium to visit and the once to stay away from would prevent regrets in the future, that could be as a result of youths who have been led astray by who/what they were following on social media.

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