Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Twelve Clues To Spot H0’RNY Women Instantly *And Take One Home*

Do you know how to spot H0RNY women? Don’t wait for her to literally tell you what she wants. Instead, use these signs to know for sure if she is H0RNY. Ask any man how he’d know a woman is h0rny and he’ll probably answer: “When she’s wεt.” While many men can easily do a lμbrication check to their women partners, the same can’t be said to men who are on the prowl and eyeing a group of gals from across the room.

The best men who are able to take women from bar to bed are those who know the signs. They are the men who you’d want to be. You can call it a targeting skill, underrated perhaps, but a valuable one nevertheless. Once you master this, you can easily identify—nay, sense—that a woman is h0rny just by looking for these signs.
They’re not really hard to spot, if you’re perceptive and you pay close attention. These signs are even universal for most women, so you’ll rarely go wrong in spotting that one woman who is down to f*ck among a flock of girlfriends.

How to spot h*rny women instantly

So, unless she tells you outright, “I’m h*rny!” look out for these signs.

#1 Wandering eye. First of all, you have to learn how to spot that one h*rny woman in the crowd. Look at a group of women in a bar, for example. Is there one girl who seems disinterested with what her girlfriends are talking about. She’ll be looking around listlessly, sometimes even acting bored, and you’ll be there to give her the attention she’s been looking for. The next step then is to isolate her and prime up for the kill.

#2 Everything to everyone. Another of the first signs you should look out for is the way she interacts with people, especially the guys. Does she flirt with every guy she sees? Or maybe she just smiles at them just to be nice. Observe how she is and if you see her getting friendly with almost every guy who notices her, that is key.

#3 Look at her hair. So once you have zeroed in on her, that doesn’t mean you have to approach her right away. You can also observe other signs to find out if she is really h*rny and down for some bedroom romp. Observe what she does with her hair. Is she twirling it, caressing it, or sεnsually running her hand through it?

#4 Open for business. Is she showing a LOT of skin? Maybe she came in with an extra slinky skirt and when she saw you staring at her, she hikes up her skirt even more. She may also lean forward to enhance and draw attention to her cleavage. If she comes in already wearing sεxy clothes and she emphasizes her assets even more, then you know she really wants someone to notice.

#5 Touchy-feely. You can also find out if she is h*rny if you approach her and she’s very touchy. She may shake your hands and make her fingers linger even more. She may lean into you for a peck in the cheek, but then her hand stays on your arms or your chest for a few seconds longer. When you engage in a conversation with her, she may also touch your hands or arms, squeeze your biceps, play around with your hair, or touch your chest while asking where you got your tattoo.

#6 Lingering gaze. Irrespective of whether you’re staring at her from the bar counter or already in the middle of a conversation with her, a h*rny woman would have this “sticky” lingering gaze. It may even look like she’s undressing you with her eyes, or imagining just how well you’d look nakεd on her bed.

#7 Over-sharing. There’s no such thing as small talk with a h*rny woman. Anything you say to her, as casual as you may start off, would be met with a lot of personal, even revealing, information. Ask her how her day was and she may answer that she needed a “good time” to cap it off *notice how she meaningfully looks you up and down while she says this*.

She may also mention how she has a wine/basketball jersey/Al Pacino movies collection you just have to see. Such unsolicited information are meant to lure you into her place for some you-know-what.

#8 Flirty smiles. There’s a HUGE difference between a woman who’s just being nice and a woman who’s down to sεx. One of the giveaways is how she smiles at you. Whether you’re just eyeing each other from afar or are already engaged in some chit-chat, how she curves those lips—plus the way those eyes naughtily sparkles—can tell you just how much she wants you.

#9 Peacocking. Women who want to snag a guy to take home in a short while will be exhibiting peacocking behaviours so as to stand out. That woman you’re eyeing? She’ll yell, scream, jump about, jut out her buns, and do just about anything to catch everyone’s attention. From showing more skin to being aggressive, they’d do whatever it takes to get

#10 Kinky conversations. More than giving out unsolicited personal information, a horny woman may also talk suggestively to you. Some kinky topics she might delve into would be her past sεxual encounters, her bedroom talents, sεx-infused jokes, and even double entendres.

#11 Compliments. Another good sign of a c*ck-hungry woman is if she goes all out in the compliment department, which is far from just being polite. She’ll rave about your looks or physical assets. She’ll comment on how big your hands are, and if she’s ultra frisky, she might even tell you how big your shoes are and already make the association.

#12 Your crib. Interested is one thing, but try mentioning random stuff that you have in your place and she might show extra keen curiosity about it. She might even hint about going to your place by saying she wants to try or see what you have in your crib. This is horny code for: “Let’s go.”

Aside from these outward signs, there are also physiological signs that h*rny women give off. These are: increased heart rate, rapid breathing, and dilated pupils. However, you have to be really close to her to see these signs. So by keeping close tabs on the signs we have mentioned above, you can easily make your move on the right target.

Of course, there are also other quirks to watch out for, which are unique to each woman. She may lean closer to you, show off her cleavage even more, scratch the back of her neck, whisper closer to your ear, lick her lips, slowly look at you from head to toe, or even daringly reach for your crotch!

The important thing with all these signs to spot horny women is that you should be able to easily pick up on them so that you can really get things moving. After all, the only thing you have to do is to just give them what they want—and they want YOU.

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