Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Estranged hubby of singer Tiwa Savage, Tunjj Balogun aka Teebillz clocked plus one yesterday September 26.

As expected, friends, colleagues and family members sent him birthday greetings on social media.

Tiwa, the mother is his child, Jamil, however refused to give a birthday shout out to him.

Though she is still in Australia on a tour, the hip hop queen seems to have given up on the marriage.

For one who posts frequently on social media especially Instagram, it was surprising that Tiwa, who has been touring the United States and now Australia could decide not to post anything, not even on her estranged hubby.

Obviously, this is a pointer to the fact that she is not going back to her old flame and once-upon-a-time manager whom she said made her who she is today in the entertainment industry.

In her interview with E! The award-winning artiste revealed:

“I needed to do something and I met my manager who is now my husband.

He saw me and was like ‘you could be really pretty if you put an effort into it’ and I was like ‘wait what do you mean’ and he was like ‘you need to lose a little weight, wax your legs; that might be attractive.

So he just literally put me through this whole program and told me that ‘the music is great, the talent is there but 80% of it is branding’.

‘So if you want to do the tom-boy thing, you have to take it to the extreme if you want to be hot and sexy you have to take it to the extreme.

So I started learning how to wear heels and he basically just groomed me into the image of Tiwa Savage that we see now.”

But its obvious Tiwa is done with marriage to Teebillz. Too obvious.

Since she was able to sail through the storm that generated after the April 2016 saga with her estranged husband, Tunji Balogun aka Teebillz, the pretty diva who signed a management and publishing deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation in the US, seems not ready for ‘Kelekele’ love.

Quite Sad.

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