Sunday, 4 September 2016

See Why You Should Be Focused & Not Jealous People

Do you know someone you're looking up to today could become an employee under you tomorrow?
Here's the story of Diego Simeone (he was under) and Fernando Torres (he was on top):

About 10 years ago, Diego Simeone played alongside Fernando Torres at Atlectico Madrid in Spain. Then, Torres was the Club Captain despite being far younger than Simeone; Torres was in charge of the dressing room in the absence of the coaches. He was so influential that he even had a say on the team selection.

Fast forward 10years later; the same Diego Simeone is now Fernando Torres coach.
This came at a point when Torres (who was captain to Diego) had journeyed from Spain to England and Italy with his career almost dead as he has being rejected by Chelsea, AC Milan, etc. 

Diego Simeone brought Torress back to Atletico Madrid and thus resuscitated his career.
And here's Diego "the boss" today.
We do not have control over life's circumstances. Just ignore anyone who thinks otherwise. #life 

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